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If I can just amplify a bit.... (I'll try and keep the character count down)

That trail up Mark's Creek is pretty much just a primitive trail. Take the Lynn Camp trail and cut it down to about 1 1/2' - 2' in width, then lower the canopy down to about 6' and bring the undergrowth in on all sides to about 3' wide. You don't have to do any bushwhacking but you do have to work your way around, over and through fallen trees, etc. -- all the while carrying 5 gallon buckets loaded with equipment and/or wearing backpack frames outfitted with 5 gallon holding/transport tanks. On Monday, we just hiked up carrying in the station equipment in the 5 gallon buckets. I can't imagine what a pain it was to haul in rainbows on those backpacks!!

On a side note... Steve, if you got up near #17 on Mark's then you got a pretty good idea of what Beech Flats looks like. There's a stretch about a quarter mile below #16 that looks exactly like Beech Flats.

Glad to hear that WBIR-TV showed up to do a Heartland Series episode! I regretted that I was unable to get any pictures -- there just wasn't any time. Maybe now folks will be able to see just how complex and professional this effort is.

Wouldn't it be nice if Byron could get them to share some of their photography so he could post it here for all the message board members to see?


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