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Originally Posted by milligan trout degree View Post

I don't know if you tie your own flies or not, but if you do, try this sulphur nymph recipe. Tie some pheasant tail for the tail, then wrap body with sulphur orange goose biot (you can use thread or dubbing to build body thicker you like), tie in pheasant tail to use for thorax shell, then dub thorax with sulphur orange dubbing, tie down ptail for thorax shell, add some legs with ptail (or leave them off). I tie both beadhead and non. Its been a real productive fly for me even without seeing a single sulphur. A tan scud was hot last time I was there too. You can follow the same recipe with blue wing olive colors for winter fishing. That was my best fly last winter. Also micromays, and vinyl mays in olive worked well in the winter. Copper johns are usually productive for me on the soho as well. more so than other tailwaters. one more fly i really like there is a fly i tied up one day and havent named. when you tie it, you'll have to take my word that it works because it looks like nothing a trout would ever eat. its simply peackock herl wrapped up a nymph hook. thats it. When it gets wet, it takes on a pretty neat color and profile.

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Wow thanks for the info. But sadly I dont tie my own but you have given me some ideas. It often amazes me how eager fly fishermen are to help out a fellow fly fisherman. Ive only been fly fishing for about 2 yrs and am a recovering spin fisher. And getting bass fishermen to give up info is like pulling teeth. Again thanks for the help.
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