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Originally Posted by Plateau Angler View Post
Congrats on the new setup. I'm sure you'll be enjoying that for many years to come... Glad ya'll had a good day on the water and caught some nice fish as well! Don't overlook that slooooooowww water. I fished for a few hours up there today and nearly all my fish were caught in very slow water. There are fish in that water that will surprise you...
I love it... I caught at least a dozen fish off my fly rod yesterday, with ease. And I'm not talking about slow water, I'm talking about water not moving at all It was right under the dam, and I casted and I kept catching them.

Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
Why, i wouldn't tell anyone that i was going to bust your butt on your B-DAY
It was good to meet your dad yesterday & i'm glad ya'll got out to fish the new rig, sounds like a fun day.
How do you catch a fish 8' deep, indicator right at the fly line & splitshot

Haha... I appreciate everything buddy, it means a lot. I couldn't believe how well it casted, I thought once I got on the water it would all change but it was still just as smooth. Okay, so I put an indicator on the very top of the leader, and put a split shot how far away from my midge? How does the split shot change my casting?

Originally Posted by Gerry Romer View Post
Congrats on your new setup and your day on the Caney to christen it.

Sounds like you are hopelessly addicted! Definitely do not overlook those slow deep pools. My personal best (21" brown) came out of that first deep pool below the sandbar, just before the bluffs. He hit a #18 grey thread midge that was dropped about 3' below a yarn indicator... so you never know.

So how was that casting class with Grumpy

Again, congrats all the way around!! Happy Birthday and thanks for the report!

Haha speaking of christening it, 5 minutes after we got on the boat I put my fly rod up towards my dad so I could run the line through the eyelets, and when I went to pull it back, the reel caused the rod to bend and it dipped in the water, baptised in the Caney Fork.

The casting class was great, I would have liked to have a little more personal instruction but for $10 and 10 people, I'm very satisfied. I still make little "oops" moves, but who doesn't I guess. My birthday is on Halloween, so I've got a month to go but the gifts have already started coming in
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