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Originally Posted by Worrgamesguy View Post
I love it so far! Nice, light, and the drag feels nice and even when you pull line out.

What a fish! So how would I use sinking line when I have floating line on there now, buy another spool? I've always wondered about fishing deep water, I saw a 30"+ brown that was feeding like crazy in about 10 feet of water. It was clear, and I could see every bit of him- huge tail, orange belly with his spots, and a HUGE white mouth opening about every 10 seconds feeding, definitely had a huge hook jaw.
I usually float fish, I'll have a couple of rods rigged with a
floating line, and one with a sinking line. You can have an extra spool loaded with a sinking line, but it takes a bit of work to go back and forth. Sinking lines can be difficult to
cast if you've just started fly fishing. If I were you I would
concentrate on the floating line rig for awhile, yet. I was just
making a point about using your flyrod for all types of
water. I used a spinning rod for many years, and I caught a lot of fish. I picked a fly rod up 20 years ago and I've never used a spinning rod since. You've got a great rig to start with.
Keep on flogging the water and you'll get more comfortable
with the longrod...good luck!
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