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Originally Posted by Crick Addict View Post
I usually float fish, I'll have a couple of rods rigged with a
floating line, and one with a sinking line. You can have an extra spool loaded with a sinking line, but it takes a bit of work to go back and forth. Sinking lines can be difficult to
cast if you've just started fly fishing. If I were you I would
concentrate on the floating line rig for awhile, yet. I was just
making a point about using your flyrod for all types of
water. I used a spinning rod for many years, and I caught a lot of fish. I picked a fly rod up 20 years ago and I've never used a spinning rod since. You've got a great rig to start with.
Keep on flogging the water and you'll get more comfortable
with the longrod...good luck!
I appreciate it, fly fishing is a blast. The most difficult part of fly fishing is the knots, I use a 9' leader with about 18-24" of tippet under an elk hair caddis indicator. The line flies great until the elk hair stops motion and the midge continues the motion, that's when it starts to fly awkward. But I still caught A LOT of fish.
Trey Nichols-
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