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Originally Posted by Worrgamesguy View Post
So how would I use sinking line when I have floating line on there now...
Trey --

First of all, take Crick Addict's advice to heart. Stick with the dry-only or dry/dropper rig until you're feeling really comfortable. That'll also give you time to save up for a spare spool for that new reel -- and, yeah, sooner or later you're gonna want one.... probably for a specialty line of some sort.

If you do opt for a sink-tip or full-sinking line, you'll probably only use it in the boat. IMHO it's easier to sight fish and target the big ones from a boat with a streamer than it is while you're wading.

However... you might not have noticed, but, that day we were fishing I was switching back and forth between an indicator/dropper rig and a sinking/streamer rig. I opted for a 7' RIO Powerflex Core Sinking Tapered leader. I'd never tried this before and it was a bit unwieldy at first, but eventually I got the hang of it. Because it was just a leader with a welded loop connector, I was easily switching back and forth while wading the whole time.

Just saying, it can be done. But do take Crick Addict's advice.

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