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I think when Grumpy is talking about fishing deeper he is referring to using an indicator rig. It will take some split shot to get the fly down. A zebra midge is great as a dropper as long as you keep the dropper length short. In flowing water, it isn't able to sink fast enough on its own to get particularly deep quickly enough. I would suggest keeping your droppers shorter (at least that is what has worked well for me). When fishing out at Lees Ferry in Arizona (where the zebra midge originated I believe), I was told that a fish will come up in the water column to take this pattern and not to let your dropper get too long. If they aren't taking midge pupa then it will be a long day even with this normally amazing pattern. There are always a few fish that can be caught on this rig but you need to learn where they are apt to be feeding if most of the fish aren't keyed on pupa. Let the fish tell you what they want. Some days you can fish a dry/dropper all day and other days it will be very slow on that rig...

If you want to fish a deep nymph rig, stick to using an indicator and split shot...
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