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Default Blame it on the Almanac

Yesterday was supposed to be a bad day to fish........

I know a couple who plan everything around the almanac, maybe their right!! LOL

It's a good excuse for you.

I agree with Plat. Ditch all that Stimulator mess and say if you are fishing in 3-4 ft. of slight current or more tie on your terminal tippet of about a foot. Add to the surgeons knot or blood knot area some Loon Soft lead(trick i use is leave the ends of the excess mono a little longer than usual, about 2mm and it helps hold the lead on). I then use Lefty's Indicator yarn in white. IF there is current add about 4-6 in more than the actual depth to compensate for the bend in the leader/tippet from the current. IF no current, make it the same as the depth.

Rule of thumb. If you have a great fly and no strikes. Make the indicator 4 inches longer to get the fly deeper. Do this about every 10 drifts until you either start picking up fish or you start hitting the bottom. If you pick up the bottom then back up 2-3 inches and you should be putting it on their nose!
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.
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