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Default Indicator

I can change the depth of a yarn indicator in 10 seconds or less.. but then again I have been using them forever, and I work with my hands.

Buy some of the Lefty's little secret indicator. It is good for big water and especially skinny water where you can use like a micro indicator in 8-10" of water. Seriously, it's great. Take along a pair of scissors. I use the scissors/pliers combo from Dr. Slick. The secret to loosen or remove the indicator is to pull both tips/wings of the indicator at the same time and it loosens the knot. I little practice and you will never use another indicator again. Also. it comes with a double twist of yarn together. Use only one twist and sometimes only a part of it. If you go out west buy some ahead of time, because I once search 4 flyshops in W. Yellowstone before finding some. Seems they like those huge ones and put them back about 6 feet from the fly. I can't figure that out for the life of me. Think VERTICAL!

PS.. What is a Blue Raider anyway?
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