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I appreciate all the comments guys. I'd say the bow was a solid 15-17". I didn't meaure him but he was probably the best of several good fish that day. I have always enjoyed the photos that so many people post along side their fishing reports and I have reallly wanted to do the same thing. I hate computers (I'd much rather be trying to figure out how to get that nice fish to eat) and I am really out of my element in this picture posting stuff. I have managed to get a few pics on my computer. I pulled that one out and starting working with photo bucket, which so far is even more confusing than putting the pictures on my computer. By the time I get back to try again, I may have forgotten how I did it. I hope to mess with it a little more and finally get comfortable enough with the whole process to post pics a little more often. I haven't even thought about editing the pictures yet, I'll get to that later. As soon as I have some more time I will post some more pics.
Again, thanks for the comments.

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