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Originally Posted by fishingman62 View Post
hey brf.... i'll add my two cents...this is what works the best for me..... a size 14-16 parchute adams as an indicator....3-4ft of 5x tippet tied to the bend in the hook and a midge which ever color is working or a bhpt tied on as the dropper... this catches fish for me every time i go to the caney... i also always manage a few fish on the adams which is why i use it for my indicator...some of my larger fish have come off the i said just my two cents but it works ......

Yeah, I was doing about the same thing except I used a stimulator dry size 18. I think my problem was depth, but it's hard to be certain. One thing is for certain; I wasn't at work. If it were legal, I would spend the night on the bank and wake up and do it again. You have to love a sport where you can tie your own bait and feel like an artist for having done it. I'm still learning, but that's the best part about it. If it came to me easy, I wouldn't appreciate it. It may take me 3 more years, but I'm going to Lancaster every trip until I catch a fish. That's not stubborness, I just know that if I learn to catch on there, I will have learned something. Now if I can just learn to pull money from the mutual funds in my 401K and get them into cash before the bottom drops out like it did today...but that's another story.
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