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Originally Posted by BlueRaiderFan View Post

Glad to hear you chose the premier state university in Tennesee to further your education. We also have a nationally ranked Recording Idustry Management program. Don't become close friends with any one that parties a lot. They'll just drag you down. I could have gone to medical school, but I wanted to party too much and now I work in a lab. It's a good job and pays o.k, but it doesn't pay what a doctor makes, that is for certain. Just think; When all the heavy partiers are sleeping it off, you'll be on the river living the good life!

I've known I was going to MTSU for over 4 years, I love everything about it. And being 20 minutes from my house is a plus.

Originally Posted by Gerry Romer View Post
Grumpy says thank you... but why wait til spring??

Hang in there.. it'll all make sense shortly. Just ask Trey
Haha don't get too confident in me, now. I'm gonna have my fair share of questions that will develop later, but I think now that I have my new setup and leader/tippet knowledge coupled with the right fly selection I will do just fine until one arises. But I appreciate the ego boost
Trey Nichols-
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