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BRF - I use a lot of streamers on the Caney, especially with the water just rising or just falling out. I am not sure if there is a standard protocol for the length of strips, I just mix it up until I get a strike, and then try to repeat the process. sometimes they hit them high in the water column, and sometimes it is better to keep it down. try it all with buggers especially, short pulls, long pulls, a mixture of both, and throw some pauses in here and there, that throws them off sometimes. and also, dont be shy when you are stripping a streamer, I was very aggressively stripping a krystal bugger down and across by the bluffs last weekend and landed/released a 21" rainbow. seems like each time I fish any kind of streamer on the caney, the retrieve that produces strikes is different. Hope this helps, and best of luck.

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