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In pursuit of trying to earn an extra buck we took a group of novice fly fisherman out to the Clinch this past Sunday. There were a total of four and I had one fly fisherman and one spin fisherman. The morning was incredible, both boats blistered fish and before noon everyone had a slam. Brookies in the 12'' benchmark and almost all beautifully colored...TWRA musta hit the gene pool right this year! They are absolutely beautiful! The fly fisherman were absolutley killing fish while the gent in the back of my boat spin fishing was catching around 4 an hour!

This report is funny because it's the exact report I told my father. He called me to tell me you posted it and say there was an eerie comparison in the reports!

Carrying on, the afternoon slowed way down but the water had obviously came up and their feeding pattern changed. We tried chunking streamers for a short time, but these guys didn't want to put the effort into making it work! Alotta casting and not alotta fish...I believe my guy lasted about 30 minutes longer than the others before changing back out to a double nymph rig!

Either way, when we got back and everyone was paying up the owner asked how many fish the spin fisherman had caught and he said "17 landed but 20 hooked" I laughed and said "Holy cow if you hooked 20 then the guy in the front of the boat caught three to four times as many easily." What I didn't know was that he was actually keeping count. We had a 70 to 80 fish day and most were caught in the morning! The other boat well surpassed the 100 fish day benchmark with ease. It was one of those magical every other cast days! There's only one or two of those a year that you can count on..I wish I woulda been standing in the front of my boat rather than rowing!

We too ran Peach Orchard down. That's a long, boat beating, section of river....If it wasn't for the money and putting gigantic smiles of faces I'd never do it again! The sad thing is, the amount of damage I did to my boat was more or less like breaking even on the trip! Theres a few spots (gouges in the gelcoat) on my boat now!

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