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Wolf, yea this is true! I guess I just learned the lines on the Watauga rather well. I've floated that river, new at the oars, and haven't even put a scratch on her, and I've done some rather stupid things in it too. I'm glad to have the shoe! I'm type A personality when It comes to possessions I own, especially when I like um as much as I do the boat! You can ask my buddy who's got the same boat as I do, when my boat get's parked the boat is spotlessly cleaned including the trailor and my wheels, including the spare, have been spray shined! My boat looks brand new behind a real piece of a truck...It's almost comical pulling it...The boat is worth four times what the truck is worth!

Do you know if it's possible to make it down river, without generation from Peach Orchard to the 61 bridge? I believe I'll stick to running my boat for money on that river...I just don't know about pleasure! It's hard to enjoy rowing, well I guess I should say pushing, my boat while digging a boulder into the side of the boat! What's really funny is the chine on the shoe didn't show a scratch from all the abuse! I will say I would like to run it from the wier past Millers! with 1 flowing.

Thanks in advance!
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