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I've never had a consecutive long slow strip work....It's a reactionary thing from the trout...Most of the bigger fish especially during the day, just want your fly out of thier home! Quick small strips I've found work best...I've developed my own strip that's not nice on the non stripping hand. It's one long strip but your popping the streamer the entire time...It's like one two foot strip but your popping the line through your non streamer hand making several consecutive six inch strips. I hope that makes sense! We've got a friend that counts while stripping. 1....pause...........1, 2....pause..........1, 2, 3....pause..........repeat. Throw a long strip in there every now and again.

If you see a follow don't pause! The fish will lose interest! Keep it moving, just try and make it the craziest action you can put into the streamer.

Hope that helps!
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