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Not trying to start a war but I quote a good friend "Those who own a Clacka, never rowed a Hyde!" HAA HAA HAA~ Just had to pick a fight!

No, but seriously, while on the Big Horn river we had high side Clacka's with wooden oars. The boat felt like a cheap peice of crap! All of the boxes were made of fiberglass and squeaked, the bottom certainly flexed alright and it was impossible to pull it off of a run while the boat was tracking. It was out of um was alot more difficult too. The person in the back felt stuck and it wasn't easy to change oarsman with the person in the back of the boat! However I will say that it was more than likely an older model Clacka and the heavy wooden oars didn't compare to the counterbalanced carbon fiber oars my Hyde had! Not to mention I was used to my low profile. I woulda liked to have been able to row a low profile (side) Clacka!

I can only imagine the abuse that your boat see's. I want to learn that line on the Hi, but I'm a little afraid of taking my baby out there to the wolves! Plus I'm sure you don't mind an extra boat staying outta your watershed!

I do wanna make it over there how is things on the HI?

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