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Default Bill you rock!

Worrgamesguy! Dude, lemme rephrase this. When I say pretty I mean that when I have things that I enjoy as much as I do that boat, it's hard to shuv it up against a rock on purpose just to float it downstream. I have consistantly been beat up on by the guys I work with, about how I spent over 8 grand on a boat that has no motor. That's like spending 8 grand on a yak, canoe, or john boat!

At a pretty fair rate of $100.00 a horse power (pretty common in the boating industry) I could have bought a decent little john boat with a 70 horse motor for what I paid for my Hyde and it just isn't aluminum! It would be the equivilant of you buying a new car and running it through a brior patch on purpose...Does that make sense? Why heck no!

I love the boat and enjoy every second of being in it, just not being on a tailwater where you purposely have to beat up your boat to get it down stream while catching 6'' to 14'' fish! Now if there was some 24" fish involved I'd probably have less to gripe about! Non the less I'd still not like it! Those boat's are designed to be pretty precise at taking on runs and avoiding rocks in low water conditioins. Like I've said I've repeatedly floated the Watauga, which I've been told is the second hardest river to float (1st being the HI) and I had yet to put a scratch on my boat until I met that section of the Clinch!

Bill your hilarious and I wanna row your Clack just for good measure! I believe it's you and me on the 29th, we will just have to beat um up together this time!

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