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Originally Posted by Fishermansfly View Post
That my friends is a mottled sculpin.....Trey do you have any more pictures if that guy? How long was he? Lemme know and I'll send you a specially tied fly!

One more. You can see the hook in his mouth, which is a size 10. I'd say he was 3 inches solid, maybe 4. I hoped that posting him here would help me ID him. My dad and I have caught a couple of these dudes over the years, I caught a 12+ one under the dam at about 4:00 in the morning a few years ago. We thought it was a walleye when we saw it swimming, but when we brought him out and looked at him we saw it was an "it." I've always known them as dogfish, good to know the true name.

Trey Nichols-
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