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Greg park where others said to park, it is a good starting point on the river. I was on the river Monday and Tuesday and midge fishing was excellent as expected this time of year. A small size 18 BHPT or a 18 midge pupa of your choice fished 2.5' deep under an indicator will do just fine. There have been tons of fish rising in the afternoons but I would stay away from the dries, unless you want a lesson in humility.

River is fishing really well right now, and it is a good time to get on the water with the consistent flows due to both generators being offline.

On the Anderson Cty comment, being born and raised in Anderson Cty I can confidently say there is no bigger haven for idiotic decisions and white trash. No offense to my home county but it is what it is. However, it does have a great resource running right through its heart.

Good luck.
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