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Originally Posted by Kytroutbum View Post
I wonder if he had a belt on
Originally Posted by heyski View Post
My dad was down here last week and we fished the Caney. I had to remind him to buckle his belt.
What do belts do?

The only time I've really waded the Caney above my thigh was back in August when I was with Gerry and David. I could easily see how this guy drowned (unfortunate on his part ), the weeds look like they're the same level as you are, then you step on them and find they're a good 2' lower. I stepped in a hole that was deep enough to make water trickle over my waders just by a few centimeters. Tread lightly, I learned. But I don't see the point in having to wade so deep, if you're up to your ribs in water every time a boat passes you have to jump to keep from getting water in your waders.
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