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Be persistent.

If your going to throw streamers for big fish, then throw streamers for big fish.

No, your not going to have great fish counts at the end of the day....but you'll likely see some bigger fish chase and every now and then you might just get the big guy to eat.

You can't just work a streamer for a little while and give up because your not getting action.Also, floating and covering a lot of water also lends itself to streamering for larger fish.

Often times I get clients who just want to target large fish. So I explain to them early on that they might not catch a lot of fish.....maybe not any. But to effectively work streamers, you have to be persistent.

I tell people to treat it like being a vacuum cleaner salesman. You have to knock on every door you come to (work your streamer along the entire bank, structure etc). Most people are going to see you coming and not answer the door. But you still have to be persistent. Some will show some interest and listen to your sales pitch, then not buy a vacuum in the end. Others are going to buy your vacuum before you even start your sales pitch.

Catching big fish consistently has a lot more to do with attitude than anything else.

Of course this is just my two cents and other anglers might have different, but equally effective techniques to share.
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