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I made it to the Holston, just below the dam. It was a really good morning to fish, the water was much cooler and I was able to hook up with between 10-15 rainbows. The biggest of these would be about 11-12in. I did miss a few more which tells me that the fishing is picking back up or has already picked up. Hugh Hartsell has probly fished it and could give a better report. I just know that I had a ball. This coming week I am going to try to get down to Nance's Ferry and see if the lower reaches have improved. But around the dam and below is doing fine. One point of note the wind was rough this morning and casting was a bit hard (at least for me) I saw a couple of other guys out all seemed to be doing well. Spoke to one and he had about the same report. A few dry fly strikes, but most where made with bead head nymphs, and bh wooly bugger.(orange rubber leg stim., bhpt)
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