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Default No such luck.

I suppose I should have stuck to what I know about the SoHo... which would be the upper TVA section from the weir down to the island below the boundary marker for the upper section.

Took a friend to the SoHo yesterday and just about got skunked. 10 hours of fishing and less than 10 fish between us.

I decided to try a section I've never fished before - the lower TVA property. Got there just after sunrise and took the right fork in the trial to head down toward the Hickory Tree bridge from above. Got to a beautiful section of the river only to have the peaceful, quite dawn shattered by shouting coming from a trailer across the river . The couple occupying the trailer proceeded to shout at and to each other as they launched a float tube and fished from the bank. The shouting went on for about an hour.

I did see some rather large browns in that section. Had a twenty-plus incher cruise right past my left leg

About a half hour after entering the water, the farmer who owns the property right next to the TVA property pulled up alongside the river bank in his jeep and got out to talk. First thing he asked was if we fished there often. When we said no, he offered tons of advice including such things as: 1) get rid of your big yarn indicators and use very small BWO dries for indicators then drop size 20, 22, 28 nymphs because the fish in that section spook very easily, 2) work the narrow channel that runs along the bank nearest his property since that's where the pigs like to hide, 3) work under the trees on the far bank for smaller browns and rainbows 4) don't expect to see much action until after 1:00 PM. A very helpful guy... I think... maybe he was just steering us wrong??

Well apparently, between us and the "Louds" we put all the fish in that channel down for the day. We worked from there upstream to the shoals at the terminus of the other trail and didn't see anyone bring any fish to hand. I managed about four all under 10 inches brought to hand and self released two or three browns that went about 12 inches each. The fish turned on briefly when the afternoon flow came up, but that was about it.

Trust me, we tried everything. Black thread midges, red thread midges, black and red, red and silver, black and silver -- all in sizes from 18 down to 28 -- pheasant tails, PT Kruzers, Bubba Dark's, black Woolly Buggers, tan Woolly Buggers, tan San Juan worms, pink San Juan worms, brown San Juan worms, red eggs, pink eggs, cream eggs, Eggie Wan Kanobis.... hey, in 10 hours you can try a lotta stuff!!

At about 5 PM we gave up on the lower TVA section and headed down to Rockhold where we were totally skunked for the next hour and a half .
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