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Originally Posted by milligan trout degree View Post
IGerry, do you mind me asking which tva section you were talking about. im familiar with the wier dam and the hickory tree bridge section, but i dont know squat about the area in between. from the info you gave, it kinda sounds like you were fishing the slow pool above the small island just upstream of hickory tree bridge? Big drop in temps last night might have warranted slower fishing today. just a guess. im headed to the SOHO tomorrow morning, i hope it picks up.
Yeah, that sounds good. I'm willing to blame it on the weather .

Remember that map of the spawning sections on the SoHo? The lower TVA property is at the very head of the large section above Hickory Tree bridge. Turn off Hickory Tree at the 4-way stop sign near River Bend Baptist Church and head down toward the river - I think it's River Bend Rd. - and bear to the right at Piney Hill Rd. Take it all the way to the end and you'll see some TVA signs posted on the right just before the farm at the end of the road. Parking is first-come-first-gets alongside the road. Take the trail in a ways and look for the fork in the trail. The right fork is a longer walk but it puts you in good water a little over a mile above the Hickory Tree bridge - way above the small island you mentioned - and just southwest of the big bend in the river. That puts you about a mile and a half below the weir dam. The trail on the left fork is a shorter walk and it puts you in at the shoals on the east side of the bend a considerable distance below the lower boundary of the upper TVA property. When you're looking at a map of the SoHo, find the Hickory Tree Bridge and trace your finger to the right to the big bend. A big chunk of that bend is the lower TVA property. It's not like I'm giving away some secret honey hole here... when I was leaving, I was hiking out behind the guys from South Holston River Fly Shop who had been guiding a trip there.

Gerry, Was that you I saw around 6 PM at Rockhold? I walked downstream in order to talk to two guys in the big run there but they headed out as soon as I got there. Sorry if I ran you all off.
That may well have been us. We were fishing at the pull-off just above the stop sign at Rt. 44 and Chinquapin Grove Rd. Saw a couple guys get in the water up stream from us close to the Rockhold Methodist Church, then, just before leaving, I saw somebody get in just below us but above the bend and head downstream toward the bend. Could have been you... funky hat and a small black net hung from a d-ring on the back of a vest . No biggie. We were way over it for the day. Wish I had known you and Pete were going... we could have all met up and had a bad day together! Misery loves company and all that...
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