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I went down to Kirby lane this morning at 7am. The sky was overcast and no sun was hitting the water. I fished for about an 40 minutes with a red with silver wire #20 zebra midge. Not one single bite. I only saw 3 fish jump or rise the entire time. Then I tied on an all white woolly which usually works pretty well. I threw it for about 20 minutes without anything even looking at it. At 8:00am two things happened. I got the woolly stuck in some brush on a back cast and the TNT hot wings from last night started to kick in. Note to self, never eat the super spicy hot wings if you are going on the river the next morning. At that point I knew to call it what it was, a poor fishing experience. I decided to pack it up and head home. If I was in my 20s I would have stayed for another 3 hours and maybe would have caught 1 fish. I'm old enough now to know when to fold'em. Tomorrow is another day and I only have to get through 5 more days of work before it is Saturday again and time to hit the river.....this time without the hot wings in my gut.
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