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I would have done the same, but I was working on my cast tempo and the guy next to me seemed to be doing o.k, so I watched him as much as I could without freaking him out. I learned a lot today, so it was a good day for me...For instance; If you walk to the middle of the river, have a point directly behind you that tells you what azimuth you went out on because coming back a different way, when you can't see the bottom, can be scary. I took a lot of small steps coming back to the bank. Overcast skies makes for some tricky travel on the river. I also learned that proper tempo is key to a good cast. I also learned that mudlers etc should be fished around sunrise or sunset or while it's dark. I also learned that I may want to fly fish alone more because my fishing buddy always leaves too early and lastly: If too much water gets inside your waders, it can get cold in the Fall of the year.
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