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Originally Posted by FLYCASTER14 View Post
I have alway's fished the White River this time of year but the water is so high that the fishing is really tough. I would like to try Caney Fork but know nothing about it. Where would be a good starting point for a newcomer? Where is the closest place to stay a night or two?
I would start under the dam or at Happy Hollow. Those places are always packed, but for a reason. Back in August I fished Happy Hollow and it was insane how many strikes I was getting. If I tried hard enough, I bet I could walk on the backs of all the brook trout to the other bank it was THAT full of brookies. They were fiesty, too.

There are a few lodges on the river, but those tend to be pricey and booked months in advance. There is a campground right below the dam, and if you don't mind camping then it's a great way to stay around the river. But the closest city is probably Lebanon, a 30 minute drive or so, if you're looking for hotels.
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