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I was at the Caney as well. I fished Happy Hollow from seven until the water got to high. I did pretty well dead drifting #18 bead head sow bugs up and across letting swinging them downstream. When the water starts to rise I did very well and usually do with sow bugs or scuds. I just patrol the shallows for trout that have moved in to feed on inverts that have been set free by the serge. It is awesome just throw the fly a little above the fish and you can see the fish turn fall back and open his mouth and WHAM fish on. They get real dumb in those few minutes when the water is rising.
I also did pretty well when the water was dropping with a #16 simulator dropping a #16 red copper john.
I usually do well when the trout are taking midges on or near the surface with an all black #20 WD40. I fish it across and downstream with a steady retrieve and when they hit they drill it.

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