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Originally Posted by FLYCASTER14 View Post
I have alway's fished the White River this time of year but the water is so high that the fishing is really tough. I would like to try Caney Fork but know nothing about it. Where would be a good starting point for a newcomer? Where is the closest place to stay a night or two?

Here's what I would do: Stay in Nashville. Get a room at the holiday inn by Vanderbilt or by one of the cheaper place near the intersection of WHite Bridge Rd and Charlotte Ave (Not much there, but safe, cheaper and you can take a bus downtown or drive if you bring your car). You can visit the local fly shops (just google fly fishing nashville). There are three nice ones. Take your first day and visit the fly shops and go downtown that night and check out the honly tonks and clubs on Broadway and 2nd Ave. Stay away from the booze and head out before day light to the Caney. It takes about 45 minutes to get there from Nashville. It is wadable all year, but check the dam generation schedule at the TVA website: (Your hotel should have wi fi so bring your laptop or you can call 800-238-2264 (toll-free) and select the number for the "Cumberland River System" and listen for the "Center Hill Dam" generation schedule. Don't get caught in the middle of the river when the dam is generating and it can take hours to get to places like Betty's Island and Happy Hollow. Just watch what the people around you are doing closely and you should be o.k. if you move when they do. I've been caught twice at Betty's Island and was o.k., but you never know. OR you could get a cabin rental right on the Caney. Just google "Caney Fork Cabin" and you should have several options. You can also get a small cabin at the Center Hill Marina and there is a nice little restautant there that floats on the water (WIfe and I love it at night). The nearest grocery store is in Gordonsville and it's small, but sufficient and the drive is really nice. It follows the river through Lancaster and meanders through the local hills. If you need any more help or just want a local contact in case you need help/info, let me know and I can send you my number. If you have the extra cash, there are some great local guides that offer nice drift boat and wading trips at average prices. Just a few thoughts. Hope it helps.
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