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Originally Posted by Worrgamesguy View Post
The highlight of fishing under the dam? Because of the swift water, I was creating an "eddy" I believe, and this brown was sitting in it! He wasn't big, but I found it to be pretty entertaining to watch him swimming around eating insects that went around my boots when I thought about drifting my own midge around me! I did, and he opened his mouth and I saw my indicator bounce. I thought "No way he just did that...." I pulled up, and sure enough, he got my fly. He put up one heckuva fight for a little guy, he was about 6-8". Since I was limited by my waders and the depth of the water, I called it a day after that.
Pretty funny stuff there. Sometimes you wonder how something that can be such a challenge to catch at times can do something that appears to be so crazy.


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