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Default Fly selection/hints/tips for the Caney?

I had a few questions regarding flies and techniques for the Caney. Lately it seems as if the fishing has died down a bit, and I want more action! Haha.

For wooly buggers/streamers, are beadheads necessary? I've noticed that they fly extremely weird when they have beadheads, and don't go very far. Also, what types of streamers are commonly hit?

For midges, it seems like there are only a handful of sections you can successfully fish due to the water depth. For the sections that are over 3' in depth, could you just add more tippet to get the midge down there or how does that go? I'm not talking about fishing like 10' holes, more along the lines of 4-6'.

I need every bit of info I can get, so let's have it!
Trey Nichols-
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