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Default Snowbird Campsite access

The sites are first come first serve. I think though may be wrong that the stay is two weeks in the camp sites. Those campers that are there seemingly permanently are not in posted campsites (don't think). I think they are actually on private property, though not posted. If they are where I think they are the road was actually moved a couple of years ago away from the creek, those campers are on the old road. They may be squatters but I don't think so. It is a shame though the trash that is often left by those who camp up there, makes you question their morality. This time of year though you rarely see anyone on the creek, sometimes there are hunters camping up there (bear or boar). Those people hunt in the Snowbird backcountry. If you are up there this time of year you might want to take a blaze orange hat (in your pack), just in case!
Here is a number for camping info for the Cheoah Ranger District; 828 479-6431. They told me 14 day limit in the campsites.
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