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So against my own advice I tried Paint Creek Saturday. With the rain on Friday it actually had some water flow. This meant the trout had a chance to spread out some. Last year they were all bunched up in the few deeper holes left in the creek. However there were ALOT fewer fish than last year. I talked to a reliable source I have down there and he said there is a big problem with people keeping them. With the easy road access and low water I think some people are wven netting them out. It is very disappointing that we can't even preserve the resource that we pay for because of a few bad apples.

I can't be all negative though. I managed to find a few good size fish and catch them. Being straight off the truck they are not so world wise and I had to accomidate that by throwing some San Juans and egg patterns. I took a new rod out for a spin that day also. So I kinda just wanted to fight a big fish on it no matter the circumstances. Mission accomplished. I will post a pic later of one of the fish when I am at my home computer. If you happen to be down in Greeneville I say give it a try, but don't make a special trip. I grew up there so I have other motives sometimes. Plus you can always stay in Hot Springs for the night which is a cool little town.
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