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I thank you all for your comments, they are encouraging!
*tennswede; I can see you have been here for a while now using words such as young un's. As far as fishing the springs with a fly rod, it can be done (I do a lot) however it is best to go from the Holston River and work your way up to the TWRA crossing. TWRA stocks bow's and browns both in it the browns stay low mostly around the bridge. This being a stocked put-in/take-out creek in the summer the water temps are high so the bait fishermen meet the truck on stocking day and take them all. But there are a few good holes on the lower section that never see bait fishermen and stay shaded and cooler. I also fish up from Buffalo in the holston and have very good luck in the fall and winter. You should give it a try, I fish it because I live so close to it and it always produces fish. (Once a 19in Bow)
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