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Default This week.

I agree with you Milligan, I rented a cabin on the Watauga this past Wed. thru Sun. Fished everyday (all day) and had most of my luck on a size 18 split case pheasent tail. They were all small with only a few over 12". Caught a few on a Zebra Midge because they were hatching everywhere I was and I even saw a few Sulphur's popping at an hour or two before dark but the PT was the trick.

I would cast about 3-4 foot above a rise and bamm, every cast dang near it but all small. I did head over to the SoHo for a couple of hours on Thursday and caught about 8-10 on a stripper midge size 22. Saw some VERY large browns but none would take. All fish over 12" with 2 over 14...should have just kept fishing there but I have never fished the Watauga before this trip and really wanted to learn it. All in all, about 50 -60 fish a day but this was ALL day fishing as my cabin was in sight the entire time and food was close.

GO TO THE SOHO for better fish or go to the Watauga for more fish and beauty...just my opinion for this week.
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