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Default The Elk at 500CFS

I've fished the river 3 times since they started the elevated flows. Actually it's helping the river as things are much cleaner now and the fish are moving around.

In fact I was fishing when Mstone was there with his Lab. I managed a dozen or so fish on soft hackles. The first day I fished the higher flow I managed about 20 once I figured out where the heck the fish were hiding. They have moved around quite a bit, but if you use your head you'll find them.

We're going back up on Thursday and I expect another "full day" of fun on the river... I'll double check temps, but the water wasn't warm on Sunday.

Do bring your wading staff if your a bit unsteady on your feet, the increased flows make the possibility of a bath higher these days.

They also seem to be doing a bit of "pulsing" for some reason. They'll open things up for about 15 minutes, and then shut it back down. Just make sure that if you're down stream and you think the water is rising... get the heck out of the water!!!

Petri Heil - Ralph
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