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Originally Posted by pineman19 View Post
I have had luck fishing for warmwater species and trout as a storm front is moving in an area. Seems to make the fish very active. Once the front passes through the action seems to slow down.

Is that so? Seems good to me, I'll keep that in mind.

Originally Posted by monktrout View Post
Most of us don't have the luxury of choosing which days we will fish. We fish when we can and are grateful to have a day to fish. However, should I ever retire and have days aplenty to pick as days on the water, I might consider moon phases. A hard cold wind will keep me nearer the fireplace than a wayward moon. Monktrout
This is very true! I wish I could be out there 7 days a week, but the only time I can really get away is during a break or on the weekend.

Originally Posted by Grumpy View Post
Farmer's Almanac, i've used it for years on planting, hunting & fishing, it's close, of course a front coming/going will change that
Having said that, i'll fish anyday that ends with an "Y", sunny or cloudy, hot or cold.
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That's what it is called! So for fronts, do you use the weather channel's predictions? I understand fishing any time possible, but do the predictions in the Almanac usually hold true?

Originally Posted by jmelrod View Post
I usually try to be out there when the pressure is rising. In theory the fishing is supposed to be great during that period. Also, during steady high pressure the fishing is supposed to be good. When low pressure moves in the fish generally become a little less active and when there is lingering low pressure the theory is that fishing will be at its lowest. There are some good articles online that I've read in the past about these ideas.
Awesome, I have to get on Google to find more out!
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