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Originally Posted by ChemEAngler View Post
This is the condition I prefer to fish in if I can. As Monk said, I don't have total freedom of picking a day at random and heading to the river. However, if I have an entire weekend to choose one day to fish, I will go on the cloudy day. I firmly believe it all comes back to what you have confidence in. If you feel that you can't catch anything on rainy days, you are going to be less likely to put in as much effort. Same goes for fly selection, people tend to gravitate to a particular pattern because they have had success with it in the past. Granted, the BHPT and zebra midge are very good patterns in their own right, they are common go-to patterns for lots of fisherman.

Fish when you can, enjoy each day, try to learn something new each trip, and develop your own comfort/confidence techniques and flys. The fish eat everyday, it is just a matter of finding out what they are eating and altering your approach to match their mood.

Keep asking questions, it helps you to develop as a fisherman. I can see the results of your inquisitiveness each successive fishing report you post.

Haha well thank you. Are you saying to step outside of the box and try something other than zebra midges and BHPTs once in awhile? I don't have much more than that in my fly box I've got a larger fly box, and the upper row is nothing but zebra midges. The next row is scuds and BHPTs, and I have a lot of EHCs for indicator use. There are also a few BWOs, mosquito imitations, San Juan worms, and streamers like buggers and muddler minnows. Basically, the Caney flybox.

Originally Posted by JimmyC View Post
Just go fishing. If you're any good, you'll catch something.
Sometimes "good" just doesn't cut it!

EDIT: I will say that I think I am better than a lot of fly fishermen I see on the Caney. Most still have trouble casting more than about 15 feet without line problems, slap the water on both forward and backwards cast, and have a HUGE loop. I haven't been fishing long, but it does help my confidence.
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