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Many thanks to everyone!! No I didn't catch any today but I gave it a try anyway. Fished Millers Island from about 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm with nary a single bite

Nevertheless, as the saying goes, a day attempting to fly fish is still better than a day raking leaves... or something like that.

On the "Downstream Elevation" thing, turns out both Brett and I emailed TVA for the particulars about 24 hours apart and we're both waiting for an official response.

Hugh, I should have known you'd have the most direct info... I'll check it out next time I make it up to the dam (almost made it today but I got side-tracked by Miller's Island this afternoon.

Again, thanks for the kind thoughts

"I've since learned to use the best knot rather than the one that uses the least line. I go through more tippet material but compensate by drinking cheaper whiskey. One must have priorities." ... Art Scheck
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