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The river flows for many more miles until it becomes an impoundment. Once it meets up with the French broad at three rivers just upstream of Knoxville , it becomes the Tennesssee river and Ft. Loudon lake. The deeper area just below Nances ferry gets shallow again just downriver. I believe the NF area is about the lowest point on the river that the river remains cold enough to support the trout.(correct me if I'm wrong) Sometimes during the late summer, even Nances ferry is too warm for the trout and you'll catch more smallies. Below that point it is a fantastic warm water fishery for Smallmouth and the other sunfishes. If you get tired of catching all those stocker trout, spend some time fishing for those carp and buffalo, they are quite a challenge and lots of fun, just ask a few of the guides who float the river a lot.
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