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Those are some great fish. Congrats.

Just a friendly reminder for all of us (me included) that if we are going to release a fish it's best to do so with minimal handling. The key to survival for a fish is their "slime" layer. When we put fish on the ground or rocks for a photo that slime layer is damaged. There have been lots and lots of studies that conclusively show that handling a fish out of the water DRASTICALLY reduces its survival as compared to simply removing the hook, perhaps snapping a quick photo, and gently releasing them back into the water. After they've been out of the water for more than about 30 seconds and have had their slime layer damaged their survival goes way down, even if it looks like they swam away in good shape.

Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing you on the water! I've been very pleased with the Clinch this year and hope the slots continue to have the desired effect.
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