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Originally Posted by duckypaddler View Post
Thanks for the info about stressing the fish. I am new to this sport, and had been already looking for a net. I will follow your advice in the future. Thanks for saying it nicely to the newby.

As for harvesting fish, I do take some. I carry a tape and strictly adhere to the slot limit. I fished Norris 3 days this week. I took 3 on Tuesday (Yummy)! Took 5 more small ones Wed. And releases all of them today. I am probably harvesting more heavily right now as this is the first year I'm catching lots of fish but none are wasted.

I have never seen the game warden or been checked, but they are out there. I know of 2 occassions they were out there in the last 2 weeks. Once was apparently and angry fisherman who called on a little boy who took a trophy trout from next to where this guy had been fishing all day. The boy was checked, it was legal and they went on there way. I have also seen people with fish in the slot limit. I wouldn't want to be them when the game warden shows up.

Also heard report of trophy brookies taken last weekend. One guy up there swore some were almost 30 inches. I would have to see evidence of that.

Happy Fishing!
I'm gonna call a bluff on that brookie... Brookies don't get long, they get fat. If it's true, holy mess, but it probably isn't. I've been fly fishing since June and I've learned a lot. Make sure you wet your hands before handling trout, but it's alright to hold them as you did as long as it is briefly and you don't squeeze the **** out of them (literally). I'm not against keeping trout, but I will never keep another one because I hate cleaning them, and their ribs are a pain in the rear to eat around. The taste varies too much, also. The "wild" trout have pinker meat, and stockers have white meat.

The TWRA has absolutely pounded the Caney lately, sometime in September I went two Sundays in a row and got checked both days. One time, this guy had a nice brown hooked on 7X tippet and he fought it for about 15 minutes, TWRA came up, netted it for him, measured it at 17", let the guy take a picture, and released it. I had a chuckle at that. But they are tightening up and I like it, it keeps all the rednecks keeping everything they catch off the river.
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