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While the Elk Hair Caddis will catch fish on the Caney, try fishing w/o it unless the fish are obviously hitting a heavy hatch. Nymphing is where it's at.

Definitely tie a dropper or two. Start fishing two flies, then once you feel comfortable fishing those and don't tangle, add another so that you're fishing three at once. One or two zebra midges, different colors. One heavier fly, like a bh pheasant tail or hare's ear. Use a moveable indicator of your choice, (I like the putty b/c I think it's easy to move up and down the leader), so that you can change the depth of your flies as you move around the river. Having an Elk Hair Caddis as your indicator limits you to that two feet of tippet until the next fly, which w/ current could make the fly drift only inches below the surface.

Fishing two or three nymphs below an indicator will allow you to search all throughout the water column until you figure out what and where the trout are feeding on.

And one last thing...Also try fishing the same rig w/o an indicator...sometimes on a dead drift and sometimes putting a little action into the flies...

Good luck!
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