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I Got the Fever - Dennis:

The key - patience! Most new fly fisherman want to cast all day. I have to remind myself to settle down sometimes. What you want to focus on is your presentation to the fish. Look for good deep pools or the back side of ebbs. Also, note on the side of the stream where there seem to be lots of Herring bird poop. That is a good sign of a productive hole. Also, look for oxygen rich areas where the water is moving with bubble activity.

What you want to do is settle in to a good spot very quietly. Be ready to cast when you get to the spot. Focus on an area you want to present (where you think the fish are). Cast upstream of that area with minimal casts and distractions. Let your fly/bait float through this area with the natural presentation that it would be using if not attached to your line. Your fly line should be on top of the water and not sinking - stretch it out beforehand if you see it doing this. This will scare the fish. Keep tabs on the slack in your line and work strip it to keep it ready for a strike.

Also, be aware of the insect activity around you... If you see a lot of flies on top of the water and the fish are popping them - go for top flies.

Hope this helps...

There are some very knowledgeable members on this site that may help you.. Always be respectful of others and the fish...Learn to catch and release trout - it is not the same as Bass Fishing...

Email me if you want some more ideas...

Be safe and have fun!
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