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I'm new to the bamboo rod building world as about a year and a half ago. I have read that a lot of people turn old 3 pc rods into smaller 2 pc rods. They call them Banty's. While they aren't as good as a rod designed to be a 2 piece rod, they will get the job done. I know from the current rods that I am making, the blank making process is the easy part. The rest of the process is time consuming to do it right. I'm not sure how much the cost would be to strip the rod down, rewrap, and refinish the rod into a banty but it may be close to the cost of a new rod from a current maker. You can search around on the internet and find some makers that will build you a new rod for fairly cheap. With all the new makers nowadays, people are saying this is sort of like the rebirth or rennaisance of bamboo. If you went the route of buying a new or used cane rod, you could keep the rod your grandfather gave you in it's original condition. Also, what kind of rod is it that your grandfather gave you? If he was fishing a Hardy Lightweight with it, it might be a really nice collectible rod that would be better left in it's original length and restored. All that said, what you are asking to do is doable and there are plenty of people around that could do it for you and I have heard that Walter Babb does some amazing work.
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