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Thanks for the info. I'm not sure what kind it is, because its a little worn where the make and specs are written, but I believe it is one of the imported japanese rods. So i'm pretty sure its not a great rod, but fished mostly saltwater out of texas back when he fly fished. i know he spent some time in montana as he traveled with his job often (salvation army minister) and has a fly box with dan bailey flies, livingston montana written on it. of course i recognized his name from daricki (sp?) hooks i use, he didnt do a lot of trout fishing. I'm not real sure why he had the hardly lightweight, but he prob got a good deal on it while living in montana. either way, im excited about having it. I'd like to keep this old rod he gave me. he's been diagnosed with alzheimers for going on nine years now, so this setup has a lot of sentimental value in it. i'd love to use this rod up in the mountains. and thats what it would be, a mountain stream rod. i highly doubt it seeing any tailwater action.

Canerod, I go to school in johnson city, so im not far from mars hill at all when im at school. i dont have the rod with me now, its back home in jeff co. i'm gonna hang on to your email though.
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