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Originally Posted by flyyak View Post
Can anyone give me some info on access points and parking.
Anywhere... and anywhere!

Seriously, that's what it felt and looked like the day after Thanksgiving! Wade-fishers were literally coming out of the woodwork and squatting in every cubic inch of that river

So I would avoid the Caney on any national holiday -- or Sunday for that matter.

In spite of that, I'd say the Caney is still my favorite tailwater

The link below will take you to an Army Corps of Engineers PDF file of the best map I've found for accessing the Caney. It's well marked and points out all the public access points, including the obscure "Kirby Road Pulloff" near Congo Bottoms.

The stretch from the dam to Happy Hollow seems to be the most popular. The stretch from Happy Hollow to Betty's Island seems to have the most slack water. And some guy on another board got ripped a new one for posting extensive info (including a map marked with his personal honey holes) on Congo Bottoms -- so I would expect Congo Bottoms to become the next front line in the combat fishing on the Caney Aside from the parking lot at the dam and the Interstate Rest Area, most parking along the Caney is roadside... adequate, but roadside. The Lancaster spot at the Smith County Line has a small stretch of roadside parking and a slightly-better-than-primitive set of steps down to the river, thereby making it one of the more popular spots.

Good luck!

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