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Default Don't Worry, EVERTHING IS FINE!

Yes, what a wonderful situation. TVA wants us to know that drinking water is not threatened. Whew! Never mind the hundreds of fish that floated up dead, or the thousands of dead fish that didn't float, or the contaminated fish that will be eaten by pregnant mothers that will produce a few more brain-stunted kids. Never mind that the EPA knows that there are toxic metals in it, including arsenic and mercury, and that the EPA water testing has not yet finished despite TVA's spin doctors already assuring everyone that everything is A-OK! And never mind that the dam was apparently so weak that it couldn't hold 6 inches of rain over 10 days.

Ah, nice clean coal, removed from the finest mountain tops in Tennessee! I guess we should be thankful that some of the mercury was burned out the smokestacks and rained acid on the Smokies' brookies instead of all winding up in the Clinch.

Here are a few links, including a video of a flyover of the affected area. The flyover takes a LOT longer to get from one end to the other than you might think.

Merry Christmas!
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