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Yes, I agree that this is a bad situation for the area and the fishery. Also, it does appear that their is a media blackout on this topic.

However, before everybody starts jumping on the natural gas or syngas bandwagon people need to realize how this will affect everybody. First of all coal is widely available and cheap. Syngas plants (IGCC) take coal and convert it to a gas that can then be burned at much lower particulate and contaminant levels. However, these syngas plants are EXTREMELY expensive. Switching to natural gas plants would drive up the cost of natural gas for residential use. People around here got a shock when they opened their last month's electric bill after TVA raised rates 20%. Imagine how bad things would be if electric rates went up another 20% and home heating rates went up 20 - 40%. Pretty much what is expected to happen if this switch were to occur. America needs a balanced portfolio of power sources: nuclear, coal, gas, hydro, wind, and solar (when the technology catches up).


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